Artist Statement


The role of the artist is to marry the worlds of the known and unknown into a myth that has never been told.  In a world in which perception reigns supreme, it is the duty of the artists, poets and philosophers to reveal, without reservation or hesitation, the underlying crumb of the truth that links this time with all time, past, present and future; to bring forth a new perception that sheds light on the entire scope of the human experience; a perception that, at its height, will evidence a gritty universality and agelessness.

 I consider myself an anarchist at heart.  Nothing is sacred; nothing should be sequestered from intense examination; nothing is exempt from free and open inquiry.  All things are open to scrutiny and can be torn down or torn apart at any moment, if that is what is required.  Furthermore, I am trying to engage the viewer in their responsibility of being there to help complete the piece; otherwise there is nothing there. Through art there is a creation that unites us both.  What is disgusting and defined at a given moment may become sublime and immeasurable in an instant.  Between this interplay of "why" and "what"emerges the"how" and this conceptual underpinning of time and timelessness in which what we perceive and how we act and react is forever defining us in both thought and action.

Poets, philosophers, scientist and mathematicians have all influenced my work.  Perhaps the quest is the same in each of these field.  Perhaps the questions we pose are similar. Perhaps the summit is the same. And yet, each of us blaze a path based on our own light. In a world in which we can only proceed by indirection, we each ask questions from our own unique perspective.  We each move forward with the aid given to us by the arduous advanced of the other.